Global A6 Dental Microscope

Looking at teeth can be a tricky business. Teeth are
small and there’s always a tongue getting in the way.
Not to mention how dark it is inside the mouth.

We have several ways of getting around these issues, including powerful overhead LED lights and specialist magnifiers, called Dental Loupes.

Dr Nolan also has the the Global A6 Dental Microscope.

Because Dr Nolan has a special interest in endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), the powerful magnification and fine control afforded by the Global A6 microscope is essential for many of the treatments he performs.

As well as crisp and clear six-step magnification, the microscope uses shadow-free lighting technology, essential when the slightest discolouration can be a sign of decay or infection. The Global A6 can also take photos inside the mouth, which means an accurate record of treatment can be kept. This helps monitor any changes, and provides a useful way to see improvements and changes as treatment progresses.